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General Loft Flying

General Loft Flying

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Loft Flying Session

Birds loft flying.  When they make tight turns like this, it is usually a sign that they are getting ready to land soon.  Often if they sense a predator is in the area, they will stay up and begin to route further away.

A September Training Toss

This was a short 20 mile toss day of shipping a 150 mile race to keep them sharp.

Club Preseason Traing Toss- 800 birds

This was a good toss to help get our birds ready to break.  Club won 3 back to back Central Jersey Combine races after this toss.

Lovely Sions going to the stock loft 

On paper they have a potent bloodline that needs to build up in my loft.

50 Sions getting prepared for their young bird learning and training.

Great looking birds that needs to be proven in races.  They are slower maturing birds meant for long distances and tougher races.  I still need to develop a batch that can fly 300 miles well.  That is my overall goal.

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